“I am home when I’m at Sport In Action because all the coaches are extraordinary. They don’t only deal with sport but they also stretched out their helping hand to the community and the Nation at large.” (Chikombolwa Lumbwe,)


“I used to try and segregate myself from others but sport has made me find my true self, ever cheered with laughter and friends “

(Chikombolwa Lumbwe)
“We have to help John with gardening before training so he comes to play with us”

(Mubanga Mulenga, 14 years)

“I would like to be a soccer trainer and join Sport In Action to teach my friends the dangers of HIV and AIDS, drugs abuse because what I have learnt here I want to share.”

(Aaron Phiri, 17 years)

“When I go for PE I can get my mind off a lot of things, it really refreshes my mind. I learn a lot of things when I go for PE because its not all about having fun and keeping fit, we learn a lot on HIV & AIDS, drugs and substance abuse and what our rights are as children.”     

(Mirian Chembe, 14 years old)

“My most treasured moment as a peer leader was when I worked with a young boy called Happy Gondwe. One day I had to leave him in charge of the group and when I came back I could have dropped tears because he used some of my words and gestures to successfully run the activities. This experience has made a great impact on my life as I have realised that the things I do, I have great impact on the lives of the youths I work with and those that on me in my community.”