This is a very cardinal component of Sport In Action programming, as most of the activities are implemented with and targets the youths in schools and communities. Youths, partake in our programmes on a daily or weekly basis participating in a variety of sports sessions integrated with health and life skills as well as peer education workshops, leadership clinics, sex and sexuality health discussion forums. By participating in sport, youth learn the valuable skills of teamwork, commitment and determination which can then be transferred into any walk of life. The program has scored a lot of success with high participation rates and significantly improved knowledge levels on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) including HIV & AIDS-prevention, stigma and discrimination, and adherence, and drug and alcohol abuse and gender based violence. CSE through sport and other integrated activities including CSE Focus group discussions with children and their parents are aimed at reducing young people’s vulnerability to Hiv and Aids in both rural and urban schools and communities. Through the CSE activities, young people are empowered with life skills on how to protect themselves from the above challenges including unprotected sex, while their parents are empowered with skills on how to facilitate dialogue (non-judgemental

adult to child dialogue) with young people concerning comprehensive sexuality education and sexual and reproductive health rights. Consequently, these activities are contributing to the reduction of the high rates of early sexual debuts, teen pregnancies, abortions, early/child marriages and gender based violence.